CTU Lions – MotoStudent racing team

CTU Lions racing team

Love, passion, enthusiasm, affection towards motorbikes led to the formation of CTU Lions three years ago in the Czech Technical University in Prague, within the faculty of Transportation Sciences, specifically Department of Vehicles. With a creed to design and fabricate a motorbike similar to Moto3 class, like minded students joined hands to form the team and take part in Motostudent 5th edition. Here, in CTU we will develop the second edition of CTU Lions superbike to participate for Motostudent Petrol 2017-18.

The aim of our competition team CTU LIONS is to succeed in the international competition MotoStudent renowned by Spanish organizations MEF & TechnoPark Motorland. Our goal is to design, develop and construct a prototype of a racing motorcycle. The project is led by teachers from Department of Vehicles on Faculty of Transportation sciences. Currently, our team is a rightful member of the competition and focus on the design of the motorcycle, especially the frame of the motorcycle itself.

Watch our work on CTU Lions Facebook.

Project was subsidized by CTU (grant CVUT 1051505F001 IP 2015 43e).


Want to become our partner? We really appreciate financial and/or know-how and consultant support. Please, contact us at CTULionsElectric@gmail.com.